The Catwalk Academy Portfolio

Portfolio Day:

The Catwalk Academy is very excited to bring you our new Portfolio Day. The Catwalk Academy Portfolio Day is designed for girls who wish to take their career in modelling to the next level. It will provide you with a fabulous set of shots that you can take to potential new modelling agencies or just keep for yourself.

When you sign up for the Portfolio day you will receive;

  • A natural beauty shot:

This is the most important shot of all as it will show an agency your natural beauty. A client will also use this as a base to build on when considering booking you.

  • A high fashion shot:

 This shot is crucial to show your adaptability. It gives you a chance to show that you can do commercial as well as high fashion.

  • A custom look shot:

Your custom look shot is your opportunity to get that perfect picture that shows your true potential.  From swimwear to lingerie, 20’s, 80’s or any other look.  You get to decide exactly how your third look will highlight your best features. This is your opportunity to recreate a particular shot that you have seen and put your own stamp on it.

Questions about the day:

Do I have to be a model to sign up?


The Portfolio Day is designed for potential new models as well as anyone who would like to experience a day in a top photographic studio being pampered and made to look fabulous!

How much does the portfolio day cost?

The price for the Portfolio Day is £600.

What’s included in the day?

The Portfolio Day includes:

  • A full day in one of the U.K’s leading professional photographic studio.
  • Make up from top international make up artists.
  • Styling for each of your different looks.
  • Three photographs of your choice from each look, so that’s 9 amazing photographs of your choice.

Can I book a space just now?

Yes you can but be aware that spaces are limited to 6 people per day and the portfolio day books up far in advance.  If you would like to book a space just fill in the online registration form and we will get back in touch.

So what are you waiting for girls? Get signed up today! We look forward to seeing you at The Catwalk Academy Portfolio Day soon!!!!! x

For information on upcoming dates for the Portfolio Day please check our out Facebook page x